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Orphaned-Scanners was created as a community project to help save vintage high quality film scanners from being scrapped.
These devices often weigh up to several hundred kilos and were very expensive at the time of their manufacture. They were mostly found in professional areas such as pre-press, or in film labs. Many of them are great engineering achievements that will certainly never be built like this again.

Sustainabilty as a main concept

Orphaned scanners are devices that are no longer supported by the manufacturer. The original software and documentation often gets lost over the years. That’s where the orphaned-scanners community comes in. We gather knowledge, people, software and literature on multiple platforms for helping other people getting these beautiful old devices up and running again. We hope that companies who still have parts or service these scanners will benefit from this as well. That’s why we are collecting and sharing their contact details.
Negmaster was the initiator for this project. We serve as a patron and operate the web platforms for the community, which finances itself from donations.