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  • License keys for two machines
  • BRIDGE CC (It’s free! No paid cloud subscription needed)
  • Windows 8/10/11 x64
  • MacOS Apple M1 ready
  • Supported file types DNG, TIF, RAW, B48, DT, FFF, NEF
  • ICC input and correction profile support
  • Non-destructive Workflow
  • Output 16bit TIF or JPG
  • Free Updates
  • User Guide


Negmaster at it’s finest

Negmaster BR is our most easy to use and most advanced software for film negative conversion.
We took the last three years of experience and built it new from scratch. As a result, we can offer a plugin that hits the nail in terms of usability, speed and color reproduction. The workflow is simple:

  • Scan in 48bit in your favourite scanning software
  • In Bridge, select the files you want to convert
  • Hit the convert button
  • Edit the resulting 16bit tif files directly in the plugin (or in LR/C1…)
  • Export via Bridge batch export in the file format of your liking

Yes, it’s that easy. No overwhelming options needed. There is still room for individual taste by using ICC profiles. Did you know you can make your own profiles in Photoshop?

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No cloud subscription needed

Before we built the plugin, we had a serious look at user feedback and requests in the last years. One of the most repeated feature requests was integration with programs outside the Adobe subscription model. But we decided for Adobe Bridge. Here is why:

Well, in case you didn’t know: Bridge is for free! Yes, it really is!
All you need to do is head over to Adobe and register. Then you can download the Adobe Cloud application. And with the Cloud application, you can install Bridge without paying anything.
This is no hack, there is no money trap. Adobe simply offers some programs for free and Bridge is one of them.

And what’s cool about Bridge is, that it’s very easy to use for managing and exporting your scans without catalogs like in Lightroom. But it will still understand xmp sidecar files from Lightroom and will serve well as an image browser for your converted scans or for preparation for other editing software.


BR SC means the plugin will work with Adobe BRidge and for scans from SCanners. We are about to develop a plugin specialized on DSLR scans as well, but this may take a while.
Please join our Facebook group NEGMASTERS for the latest news!

1 review for NEGMASTER-BR-SC

  1. Olivér Kiss (verified owner)

    Finally I’m getting great results with “one click”! I love the simplicity and speed of this plugin and the fact I don’t have to use Lightroom/Photoshop makes it even better. The untweaked automatic output results are already satisfying and changing some settings if needed is very easy and straightforward compared to other known plugins. Support from André is excellent, he answers every question in the Negmasters FB group.

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